Our Yogurt

Everyone can enjoy the indulging qualities of Leggenda yogurt. And when we say everyone, we really mean everyone! Our yogurt has several versions: soy yogurt for vegans - without compromising on taste. Sugar-free yogurt sweetened with stevia – for those who are watching their weight. Reduced- lactose yogurt enriched with bio bacteria for those who are lactose-sensitive, and of course goat milk yogurt or cow milk yogurt, according to your taste preferences.


Vegan soy frozen yogurt

All-natural frozen yogurts

Reduced-lactose frozen yogurt made from goat milk

Sugar-free frozen yogurt containing stevia

Cow Milk Yogurt

Cow Milk Yogurt 124 Calories

4.03 grams protein / 21 grams carbohydrates / 2.5 grams fat / 0.3 grams dietary fiber

Goat Milk Yogurt

Goat Milk Yogurt 122 Calories

2.92 grams protein / 23 grams carbohydrates / 2.0 grams fat / 3.6 grams dietary fiber

Sugar-free Yogurt

Sugar Free Yogurt 80 Calories

3.6 grams protein/ 22 grams carbohydrates / of which 14 grams are from maltitol, erythritol & sorbitol / 1.1 grams fat/ 2 grams dietary fiber (contains stevia)

Soy Yogurt

Soy Yogurt 105 Calories

2.5 grams protein / 19 grams carbohydrates / 1.3 grams fat / 5 grams dietary fiber

* Nutritional values per 100 grams of yogurt, without toppings.