Our Desserts

We are happy to eat only gelato all day long, but sometimes we want to diversify with another dessert...At Leggenda you can find plenty of sweet treats that will make your visit with us an unforgettable celebration. French crepe – thin, hot and freshly prepared before your eyes, and stuffed with goodies. Chocolate fondue - dip chunks of fruit into a thick, rich sauce. Belgian waffles – High-quality and light, decorated with whipped cream, fruit and mouth-watering toppings. Minou – a personal ice cream dessert, on a stick, covered with delicious chocolate and a surprising variety of flavors.


French Crepes

When you want something warm, satisfying and sweet, Leggenda’s crepes are the ultimate treat indulgence. We prepare carefully prepare the tasty batter according to our original recipe, and fill it with love and every filling of your choice - Nutella, dulce de leche or a variety of other options. Preparation takes place within a few minutes, before your eyes, and the result ... paradise!

Belgian Waffle

It's not just a dessert, it’s a celebration! A celebration of flavors, textures and colors that is perfect for sharing with loved ones. The fresh waffle is prepared on site and is topped with scoops of ice cream of your choice, mounds of luxurious whipped cream, and topped with your favorite syrup.


An integral part of our winter collection. A minou is a small and crazy invention that allows you to enjoy your own personal ice cream pop. Hiding inside our minou pops is Leggenda’s quality ice cream in a variety of flavors, coated with a crunchy chocolate layer and decorated with pieces of walnuts or almonds.


Chocolate and fruit - if that isn’t a match made in heaven then we don’t know what is! You are invited to choose your favorite fruits, from a huge variety of fresh and juicy fruit, and to begin dipping them in thick and rich chocolate sauce in the French fondue method.