Dairy Ice Creams

Your enjoyment begins with in your eyes. Dozens of fine, appetizing and favorite flavors are presented daily in our display case and arouse curiosity and anticipation. All our dairy ice creams are made using traditional methods of real Italian gelato. We insist on fresh, daily preparation, and never compromise on the quality of raw materials such as chocolate, nuts or fruit. Only the best for you!


Sorbet and Vegan Ice Creams

We at Leggenda, have an agenda! Even vegans and those with lactose intolerance deserve to enjoy our legendary flavors. At every one of Leggenda’s branches you can find a huge selection of flavors of sorbet based on mineral water and fruit, as well as vegan ice cream without any dairy ingredients, whose taste is no less delicious than our dairy ice creams. Currently, Leggenda is the only ice cream chain in Israel where you can find a delicious soy-based ice cream. This ice cream is served with fresh fruit, various natural nuts, toasted coconut and other fresh quality toppings from which to choose. vegan friendly  

Ice Creams with No Added Sugar

When we offer you ice cream with no added sugar, you can be sure that it will not only be healthy, but also delicious! At Leggenda we have been able to develop fresh, rich and creamy gelato, made from milk and cream, rich in dietary fiber and with the addition of sugar substitutes such as maltitol and erythritol. These ice creams are also appropriate for diabetics and have the equivalent sugar of one daily serving of fruit.


When your body needs a refreshing break, stop at Leggenda for some light and cool yogurt with enticing toppings. We offer a wide range of natural frozen yogurt – made from cow milk, goat milk, or soy milk, with sugar-free options as well. Here again we insist on using high-quality natural yogurt. The toppings are made from fresh fruit cut up every day in each branch’s kitchen.


We are happy to eat only gelato all day long, but sometimes we want to diversify with another dessert...At Leggenda you can find plenty of sweet treats that will make your visit with us an unforgettable celebration.

  • French crepe – Thin, hot and freshly prepared before your eyes, and stuffed with goodies.
  • Chocolate fondue - Dip chunks of fruit into a thick, rich sauce.
  • Belgian waffles – High-quality and light, decorated with whipped cream, fruit and mouth-watering toppings
  • Minou – A personal ice cream dessert, on a stick, covered with delicious chocolate and a surprising variety of flavors.