Leggenda’s Agenda

From ages two to 120, it is important to us that our customers, wherever they are, enjoy the best quality ice cream. Period. Because even in ice cream quality equals freshness, we have decided to establish an active ice cream kitchen in each branch. This means that all of the ice creams are produced daily on site, without using transportation, at every one of our branches. Our 70+ flavors are made by talented, loving, skilled hands, from traditional recipes that use the best raw materials and fruit. Thus, we are able to ensure that the ice cream you get in a cup or cone will always be completely fresh, high-quality and of optimal texture.

The Story of Leggenda

Dudu and Uri, childhood friends from Nahariya, were always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When they left the army and went off to fulfill a dream by travelling the world, they discovered that what they both preferred to eat for breakfast was...ice cream. From here to there, a new dream was born: to establish a quality ice cream parlor. So Dudu hopped over to Italy to learn the secrets of ice cream firsthand while Uri laid the groundwork at the business level. Today, 15 years and many branches later - Dudu and Uri are still dreaming together, still working together to realize them, and still prefer ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

Leggenda’s Gelato

With all due respect to ice cream (and there is respect), there is nothing like gelato. What’s the difference? You'll be surprised, but the difference is...the air. During preparing of traditional Italian gelato, quality raw materials undergo a slow and meticulous mixing. Such mixing only allows only a small amount of air to enter the ice cream (About 20-30% air compared to 3 times that in regular ice cream), thus creating a rich, deep and filling flavor. Do you want to know more differences between gelato and ice cream? Here you go! While regular industrial ice cream is produced in quantities of thousands of liters of each flavor in order to increase efficiency and cut production costs, real gelato is prepared in small portions. Here, at Leggenda, we prepare only 3-4 kg at a time so that you will receive it at the perfect texture each and every time.

Leggenda’s Raw Materials

Only the finest raw materials receive permission to freely enter our kitchen. Stabilizers? Whey? Vegetable oil? No thanks! Not at Leggenda. Our gelato is based on pure cream, fresh milk and a variety of raw materials imported directly from Italy. We create our legendary flavors with the finest ingredients, such as hazelnuts from Piedmont, fine pistachios, truffles that we produce ourselves and 100% real chocolate. In our sorbet we use the best fresh or frozen fruits and high-quality mineral water. Our yogurt is natural yogurt and even in the sauces for topping we don’t compromise an inch.

The Leggenda Experience

On the one hand, you probably already understand that we treat our ice cream with the utmost seriousness. On the other hand, it is important for us to make your experience the easiest, most pleasant and most fun possible. Do you want to taste something? Can we help you choose? No problem. Do you need more napkins? Just ask. Did your ice cream fall on the floor? Did it spill? Don’t be shy - tell us. We promise to help if we can.