Hello and Welcome to Leggenda!

This is the perfect place to enjoy gelato and fresh frozen yogurt. At each branch nationwide, our chefs prepare fresh and special flavors every single day. But, wait. We bet you have a few questions - Chef? At an ice cream parlor?! And what is this gelato stuff anyway? How is it different from regular ice cream? You can taste the answers at each visit to Leggenda. Or you can read about it here on the site. Whichever way you choose, we wish you a tasty and sweet journey!

Leggenda Agenda

When it comes to ice cream, quality equals freshness. All our ice creams are produced daily in our shops.

Our Ice Creams

Leggenda has dozens of fine, taste bud-tempting, favorite flavors. Ice creams, sorbets and sugar-free products.


The Leggenda franchise has over a dozen branches throughout the country, from the North to the South.

Call For Ditails 052-8390878

Leggenda on Instagram

Our ice cream is not only fresh, refreshing and crazy delicious - it also very photogenic! You are invited to follow Leggenda on Instagram, and we would really appreciate it if you upload your pictures when you eat at Leggenda and tag them #leggendagelato